Digital photography and video for your products.

Your Visuals Matter

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion

75% of online shoppers rely on product images to inform their buying decision. It seems like common sense to say consumers look at photos of the product, so it's interesting this number isn't higher. But so many businesses try to wing it with their photos. If you want to stand out, you shouldn't be one of them.

Reducing Returns

Little things like color variation, texture, and shadow can make a big difference in what the consumer expects. 22% of returns are attributed to the product not looking the same as it did in photos. Don't be a statistic. Make sure your products match your clients expectations.

Get Shared, Get Seen

Great visuals are 40% more likely to get shares and engagements on social platforms. As you know, if you can't win the social media game, its hard to win the e-commerce game. The images and video we provide can be multi-purpose and will always have the professional touch.

Full Service Studio in Midtown Manhattan

Suitable for receiving and holding your samples for product motion and stills. Centrally located in Manhattan for ease of shipping and receiving.

Represent Your Brand

Fantastic to work with. The process is simple and the work is consistanly what we need.

Andrew E.

Makes my social media plan so much easier each month. I talk to the team and tell them what I'm looking for, and then it's delivered before I need it.

Kylie H.

We use creation.HOUSE for all our eCommerce product photography and its made such a difference.

Nikita P.